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Catalog Number 2008.03.01.047
Object Name Newsletter
Collection Harrisburg Hospital Founding Newsletter Collection
Title Harrisburg Hospital Newsletter
Date 04/1962
Scope & Content Volume: VI
Number: 4

Articles: Mr. Kohlhaas To Retire After 40 Years

Doctors' Day

Mr. Kohlhaas Retires

Shakespeare Succeeds Kohlhaas

In Memoriam - Dr. Gearge R. Moffitt

Capping Exercises - Class Of 1964

In Memoriam - Henderson Gilbert

Record Census

Congratulations - Dr. Norman

New Volunteer Project

Blood Mank Meeting

Dr. Burns To Serve On H_O_P_E

National Health Week

Miss Booth - Member Of ACSW

Contributions To The Memorial Fund

Memorial Giving

Photos: Dr. Kunkel Shows Slides

Richards, Pres. Of Board Pf Managers Congratulates Webster Kohlhaas On Forty Years Of Service

Mr. Kohlhaas

Mr. Shakespeare

First Building Of Harrisburg Hospital

Main Entrance To "A" Building

The "CDA" , Erected In 1930-31

Main Hospital And Brady Hall

Hospital Buildings In 1927

View Of Hospital In 1922

"B" Building Erected In 1923-25

View Of Hospital In 1927

Brady Hall Built In 1958

"M" Building Completed In 1952

Razing Of Properties In 1961

"C" Building Opened In 1960

Two-story Parking Garage opened In Feb. 1962

Dr. George R. Moffitt


Henderson Gilbert

Dr. Douglas Norman

Miss Katheryn Booth

People Albert, Nancy L.
Allen, Albert L., Jr.
Allen, Mrs. Porter
Allyn, Dr. and Mrs. Russell E.
Altland, Judith A.
Arnold, William A., II
Bailey, Elizabeth R.
Bailey, General and Mrs. William S.
Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. George R.
Baldwin, Doris J.
Balsbaugh, Marlin E.
Barker, Norma A.
Barley, Mrs. J. Frank
Baturin, Mr. and Mrs. Moe
Beaver, Ruthanne F.
Becht, Mrs. Howell M.
Beery, Naomi M.
Behrens, Rear Adm. and Mrs. William W.
Belin, Capt. and Mrs. Peter
Belin, Mr. and Mrs. C. Welles
Benjamin, Mr. and Mrs. Irwin
Bennett, Mrs. Wililam B.
Berger, Shirley A.
Berghaus, V. Hummel, Jr.
Billingham, Nancy J.
Blanken, Mr. and Mrs. Donald
Boggs, Darlene L.
Booth, Katheryn
Bowman, Dr. Herbert S.
Bowman, Mr. and Mrs. George E.
Boyd, Gayle M.
Boyd, Jackson Herr
Boyd, Mr. and Mrs. Alexander
Brady, Frank J.
Branyan, Patricia A.
Brason, Dr. F. Wells
Brenner, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F.
Brenner, Mr. and Mrs. Simon
Brown, Mrs. Walter H.
Brown, Walter H.
Brownold, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin J.
Brungard, Margaret A.
Bryan, Dr. Fred E.
Bunting, Mr. and Mrs. Wade H.
Bupp, Janet A.
Burch, Ernest S.
Burns, Dr. Thomas
Burtnett, Sharon R.
Cameron, Mr. and Mrs. Brodnax
Cameron, Mr. and Mrs. Duryea
Cantor, Mr. and Mrs. Ben
Carpenter, Mr. and Mrs. J. T.
Carson, Mr. and Mrs. M. Earl
Chesney, Joyce C.
Childs, Mr. and Mrs. Charles E.
Colquhoun, E. M.
Comstock, Mrs. George S., Jr.
Cook, Doris M.
Corrie, Peggy J.
Croll, Mrs. F. Roy
Cross, Helen G.
Dailey, Dr. W. Paul
Dailey, Dr. William P.
Daniels, Mr. and Mrs. Belden Lee
Dochterman, Shelby J.
Doremus, Mrs. William
Doumaux, Rosanne
Dowd, Mary G.
Driscoll, Carol A.
Dutlinger, Dr. and Mrs. Robert P.
Fager, Mrs. Martin W.
Fendrich, Mr. and Mrs. Charles N.
Fishburn, Sharon A.
Fleming, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel W., Jr.
Forker, Sandra E.
Fortney, Suzanne G.
Fox, Mrs. John E.
Friedman, Sidney E.
Galloway, Donna J.
Geiser, Mrs. William E.
George, Mary L.
Gilbert, Henderson
Gilbert, Henry
Gilbert, Mrs. Henry B.
Gilbert, Spencer C.
Goldsborough, Frances
Goldsborough, Mrs. Robert
Graff, Charles H.
Gross, Mr. and Mrs. Henry M.
Grubb, Mrs. Patricia
Gurkoff, Mrs. Anna
Hackney, Mr. and Mrs. H. Hamilton, Jr.
Haldeman, Mrs. R. C.
Hall, Judy E.
Hamilton, Eleanor
Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. Hugh
Handler, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
Harding, Dr. and Mrs. Robert L.
Harper, Mrs. Virginia Rothert
Hartman, Elizabeth
Hassinger, Mr. and Mrs. Bruce M.
Hay, Major General Malcolm
Heider, Mrs. Roberta
Helm, Kathryn A.
Herbert, Carol A.
Herman, Mr. and Mrs. John C.
Hershey, Lenora F.
Hickok, Mrs. Ross A.
Hinkle, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F.
Hoke, Judith E.
Holverstott, Mr. and Mrs. S. L.
Hooper, Dr. and Mrs. Fred B.
Hoover, Bonita L.
Hopper, John D.
Hornikel, Harry B.
Houlihan, Mrs. Barbara
Hummel, Ruth E.
Hunt, Mrs. Daniel L.
Hutchison, Mr. and Mrs. C. M.
Illigen, Mr. and Mrs. K. W.
Jackson, Darla J.
Jacobs, Marilyn L.
Jennings, Mr. and Mrs. Ross S.
Jennings, Ross
Jennings, Ross S.
Johnston, Dr. and Mrs. David A.
Johnston, Rebecca C.
Kades, Sam
Kann, Lois M.
Keller, Mr. and Mrs. William C.
Kimmel, Susan M.
Kirker, Dr. Walter R.
Kissinger, Robert E.
Kline, Sandra A.
Knepper, Gladys E.
Knipple, Carolyn E.
Knisely, Mr. and Mrs. Arch G., Jr.
Kohlhaas, Webster S.
Kunkel, B. W.
Kunkel, Dr. W. Minster
Kunkel, Hon. John C.
Kuntzelman, Carol A.
Kuntzelman, Suellyn
Lang, Mr. and Mrs. Walter B.
Lanning, Gail A.
Laubheim, Mrs. Charles
Lehrman, Mrs. Ella
Lenker, Dr. and Mrs. Luther A.
Lidgerwood, Mrs. Edith H.
Lidgerwood, William van V.
Light, Nancy J.
Little, Mary A.
Long, Hester D.
Loudenslager, Diane M.
Lowengard, Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin
Lyon, Mr. and Mrs. R. H., Jr.
Mabon, Mr. and Mrs. Kingsley
Magoun, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Manifold, C. W.
Martin, Mr. and Mrs. Oliver
McConnell, Mrs. John
McCormick, Anne
McCormick, Mrs. Henry B.
McCreath, Lesley, Jr.
McCreath, Mrs. Lesley
McCreath, Mrs. Robert
McCreight, Mr. and Mrs. C. V.
McCurdy, Sandra K.
McFarland, Helen L.
McLeod, Murdock
McNamara, Mrs. Esther
McPherson, Mr. and Mrs. Edward R. and Jane M.
McPherson, Mr. and Mrs. Stephen M.
Middlesworth, Willetta A.
Miller, Harvey
Miller, Joyce E.
Miller, Patricia A.
Miller, Paul W.
Mills, Dr. M. Duane
Mills, Mrs. M. Duane
Moffitt, Dr. George R.
Moore, Dr. and Mrs. Clarence E.
Moore, Mrs. Robert Y.
Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. George L., Jr.
Mowery, Mary E.
Murray, William L.
Musser, Dr. Benjamin
Musser, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J.
Myers, Charles L., Jr.
Myers, Lois A.
Myers, Susan E.
Naughton, Margaretta R.
Naughton, Mrs. Margaretta R.
Nauman, Mrs. Spencer G.
Nauman, Spencer, Jr.
Neale, Mr. and Mrs. Harry T.
Nicholson, Mildred
Nicolson, Mrs. Roy
Norman, Dr. Douglas
O'Connell, Mrs. John
Ohlson, Mrs. Guy H.
Ommert, Linda E.
Paden, Mr. and Mrs. Charles D.
Payne, Mr. and Mrs. Frank N.
Payne, Mrs. Frank
Pearson, Mr. and Mrs. William A.
Perinchief, Mr. and Mrs. P. Joseph
Petusky, Chloe C.
Pilgram, Dr. and Mrs. R. E., Jr.
Pomeroy, Silas
Reily, Mr. and Mrs. George W., III
Rensel, Mrs. Sarah C.
Rhoads, Paul H.
Richards, Elizabeth L.
Richards, Leonard B.
Richards, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard B.
Rigler, Dr. Leo G.
Robbins, Mrs. Frank A.
Rose, Mrs. Clinton F.
Rutherford, Mary B.
Scharf, Mr. and Mrs. Henry M.
Schless, Maurice
Sebastian, Dr. and Mrs. Eugene F.
Shakespeare, Walter Samuel
Shepler, Mrs. Anna
Sherman, Paula D.
Sholley, Sharon L.
Shope, Norma E.
Siegrist, Mary J.
Sinon, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A.
Sipe, Sandra
Smallwood, Mary L.
Smallwood, Melinda L.
Smith, John McI.
Smith, Knisely
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Allen C., Jr.
Smith, Mrs. Pierre J.
Snyder, Dr. and Mrs. John J.
Sollenberger, Lois A.
Spangler, Nancy L.
Spong, Mr. and Mrs. Richard M.
Spong, Mrs. Harper W.
Spotts, Linda L.
Stackpole, General and Mrs. Albert H.
Stackpole, General E. J.
Stapf, Mr. and Mrs. John
Stark, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R.
Stern, Edgar S.
Stern, Mary R.
Still, Elva L.
Stitt, Sharon E.
Stoner, Howard
Stoner, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur H.
Stover, Carol L.
Sussman, Dr. and Mrs. Nathan
Sweeney, Ida
Sweger, Mark W.
Swift, Gladys J.
Swift, Harley L.
Taylor, Sara J.
Thomas, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph R.
Thomas, Ruthann
Thuma, Kathleen E.
Toby, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Toncler, Elizabeth A.
Tredway, Mary A.
Tshudy, Virgie M.
Turano, Mrs. Frank J.
Ulrich, Dr. Samuel D.
Underkoffler, Jane L.
Vedral, Patricia A.
Wallace, Mrs. Gertrude M.
Wallower, Edgar Z.
Walters, Sandra K.
Warmkessel, Karen C.
Weller, Judy K.
Wickersham, Mr. and Mrs. F. B.
Wieder, Linda E.
Wilsbach, Anthony K.
Wilson, Mrs. John A.
Wolfe, Nancy A.
Wright, Dr. and Mrs. Louis W.
Yanosky, Rosemary T.
Yarnall, Dr. and Mrs. G. Winfield
Zimmerman, Mr. and Mrs. Theodore