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Catalog Number 2008.03.01.051
Object Name Newsletter
Collection Harrisburg Hospital Founding Newsletter Collection
Title Harrisburg Hospital Newsletter
Date 04/1963
Scope & Content Volume: VII
Number: 2

Articles: Hospital Attracts Full Complement Of Interns

"In Recognition Of Its Patient Relations Program . . ."

Volunteen Training Program Begun

In Memoriam - Garfield Daniels

Renewed Life Given By Record Transfusions

Enzyme Research Spurred By Grant

82 Student Nurses Capped In Ceremony

Hospital Shares In $13,044 Research Grant

Medical Staff Promotions And Appointments

Spring Advisory Board Meeting

Women's Auxiliary Adds To Laboratory Funds

Contributions To the Memorial Fund

Photos: Certificate Of Merit For Patient Relations Reception

Mrs. Irene Yandric - Credit Manager

Thomas Sweatman, Jr. - Supervisor Of Collections

Michael Charney Exercising Leg After Record Blood Transfusions

82 Student Nurses

People Alexander, H. B.
Allen, Albert L., Jr.
Bailey, General and Mrs. William S.
Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. George R.
Baldwin, Patricia M.
Beal, Mr. and Mrs. George S.
Beery, Naomi M.
Belles, Donna V.
Bennett, Dr. John J.
Bentz, Dr. Ralph A.
Berghaus, V. Hummel, Jr.
Berkheimer, Dr. and Mrs. Park
Berkheimer, Dr. George A.
Bittenbinder, Dr. Joseph B.
Bixler, Jane
Bixler, Mary Belle
Black, Dian L.
Bloser, Dr. Donald P.
Bogush, Janice M.
Booth, Katheryn M.
Borota, Mildred
Bossler, Georgia L.
Bougher, Edwin
Bower, Mr. and Mrs. Edward H.
Bowers, Brenda J.
Bowman, Addison M., Jr.
Bowman, Dr. Herbert S.
Bowman, Herbert S.
Bowman, Mr. and Mrs. George E.
Bowman, Sandra J.
Boyd, Dr. William J.
Boylan, Carole A.
Brehm, Mrs. Edwin J.
Brenner, Mr. and Mrs. Simon
Bricker, Diana L.
Brubaker, Marion L.
Brumbaugh, Virginia
Brunner, Janet K.
Bryan, Dr. Fred E.
Burns, Dianne C.
Caldwell, Mrs. W. Bruce
Charney, Michael E.
Christ, Dr. George F.
Coleman, Dr. Ernest H.
Colquhoun, J. W.
Colquhoun, Mr. and Mrs. E. M.
Connaughton, Harry A.
Connor, Barbara J.
Coover, Dr. Carson
Crist, John W.
Crumling, Barbara A.
Curry, Dr. S. O.
D'Arrigo, Thomas
Dailey, Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert L.
Dailey, Dr. W. Paul
Daniels, Garfield
Daugherty, Ruby E.
Davis, Barbara E.
Davis, Dr. and Mrs. William
Detwiler, Carol L.
Diehl, Diane M.
Dietz, Marlene R.
Dietz, Patricia A.
Downs, Kathleen E.
Eash, Catherine E.
Edeburn, Mr. and Mrs. V. E.
Edwards, Dr. George E.
Eicher, Hubert
Engle, Elaine F.
Engleman, Kay D.
Fair, Mrs. David
Fenoglio, Mary J.
Fishel, Mrs. and Mrs. Charles
Fletcher, Dr. Thomas F.
Fox, Catherine A.
Gallagher, Sally A.
Gates, Mrs. John
Gentzell, Dorothy
George, Annie V.
George, Carol M.
George, Elva Hedges
Gipe, Mrs. Blanche
Glass, Carolyn J.
Goodman, Dr. Bruce
Gordon, Dr. William S.
Gordon, Linda L.
Gordon, Reverend Raymond P.
Goudy, Mrs. Russell L.
Grimm, Sylvia A.
Guillaume, Joan M.
Hackney, Mr. and Mrs. H. Hamilton, Jr.
Hahn, Donna L.
Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer G.
Hallock, Dr. Margaret E.
Handler, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
Hartman, Nancy L.
Heider, Mr. and Mrs. James B.
Heim, Gladys and Rae
Heim, Mrs. Savilla E.
Heishman, Frances L.
Hench, Robert C.
Herman, Mr. and Mrs. E. S., Jr.
Hilaman, Martha A.
Hinkle, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F.
Hoffman, Joyce D.
Hoffman, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C.
Houser, Russel C.
Hoysock, Genevieve C.
Hren, Frank J.
Iles, John T.
Jacobs, Marilyn
Jenkins, Floretta L.
Jennings, Mr. and Mrs. Ross S.
Jennings, Ross S.
Johnson, Madelyn A.
Johnson, Phyllis C.
Jones, Dr. Samuel L.
Kaiser, Walter A.
Kanenson, Dr. William L.
King, Mrs. Horace
Kitzmiller, Dr. John K.
Klick, Mae
Kline, Joyce Yingling
Knauss, Edward E.
Knee, Carole A.
Knisely, Mr. and Mrs. Arch G.
Koegel, Sandra L.
Konhaus, Dr. and Mrs. C. H.
Kraus, Dr. and Mrs. William
Krider, Mabel
Krieg, Albert
Kunkel, Dr. and Mrs. Paul, Jr.
Kunkel, Hon. and Mrs. John C.
Lang, Mr. and Mrs. Walter B.
Lanshe, Dr. Harold F.
Lawrie, Mrs. Ritchie
Lawrie, Ritchie, Jr.
Lee, Norma L.
Linn, Susan J.
Lipman, Robert
Lyon, Virginia
MacPherson, Duncan K.
MacPherson, Kathleen E.
Majer, Mrs. Edna
Manifold, Mr. and Mrs. C. B.
Manifold, Mrs. Courtland B.
Marks, Mrs. Wirt P.
Martz, Carolyn M.
Matthews, Patricia L.
Maxwell, Robert H.
McHugh, Isabelle A.
McNeal, Gloria J.
Meck, Mrs. Frank
Meloni, Antina J.
Meredith, Col. Philip T.
Meredith, Mrs. Philip T.
Mertz, Sandra K.
Michlovitz, Rose
Miller, Harvey M.
Mills, Dr. Thomas D.
Minnick, Marilyn J.
Mohn, Dr. James F.
Moon, Laura R.
Moore, Dixie L.
Mounds, Carol A.
Munce, Mr. and Mrs. Edward
Murray, William L.
Musser, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J.
Myers, Kathryn A.
Nauman, Mrs. Spencer
Neale, Mr. and Mrs. Harry T.
Negley, Alice M.
Nelson, Lenore M.
Nevel, Lois J.
Nicholson, Pamela S.
Ohnmeiss, Sherrylee
Painter, Nancy L.
Payne, Mr. and Mrs. Frank N.
Payne, Mrs. Frank Norvell
Pearson, Mr. and Mrs. John B.
Peiffer, Linda A.
Penna, John S.
Pentz, Lois A.
Perinchief, Mr. and Mrs. P. Joseph
Pilgram, Dr. and Mrs. R. E., Jr.
Pilgram, Dr. Ralph E.
Powell, Rebecca
Prowell, Annie K.
Rahill, Mrs. W. Joseph
Rearick, Mary K.
Reese, Betty J.
Reeser, Romayne
Rhoads, Mr. and Mrs. Paul H.
Richards, Leonard B.
Richards, Mrs. George J.
Rife, Dr. Charles J.
Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. E. Hill
Rogal, Max
Romanucci, Dr. Demostene
Royal, Donald K., Esq.
Ruckle, Susan K.
Sanders, Ann M.
Savastio, Dr. Joseph A.
Schrenker, Mr. and Mrs. A. L.
Segda, Dr. Walter J.
Shakespeare, Walter S.
Shank, Mary E.
Shepler, Dr. Norman B.
Sherman, Dr. and Mrs. Alfred J.
Shetron, Mrs. W. H.
Silvernail, Dr. William I.
Simmons, Dr. and Mrs. A. Harvey
Smith, Dr. Harvey F.
Smith, John McI.
Smith, Karen A.
Smith, Knisely
Snavely, Mrs. A. Bowman
Snyder, Dr. John J.
Snyder, Judith A.
Snyder, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond A.
Snyder, Mrs. John
Sommers, Mary A.
Spaseff, Phyllis Steffen
Spong, Mr. and Mrs. Richard M.
Spong, Mrs. Harper
Sprout, W. Carl
Stackpole, E. J., Jr.
Stackpole, Edward J.
Stackpole, General and Mrs. Albert H.
Stapf, Mr. and Mrs. John
Steffen, Nancy A.
Stermer, Christina E.
Stern, Edgar S.
Stern, Mary R.
Stettler, Dr. Wayne D.
Stigerwalt, Lois E.
Strausser, Rosalie K.
Strockbine, Dr. Melvin F.
Sweatman, Thomas, Jr.
Synder, Mrs. John
Tack, Ruth E.
Taswell, Dr. Howard F.
Tilghman, Margaret
Tittle, Mr. and Mrs. Charles W.
Toby, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Todd, Myron A.
Treon, Linda G.
Troutman, Sheila E.
Trullinger, Park and Gail
Trullinger, Park R., Sr.
Turner, Rachel N.
Tuten, Rebecca
Uhler, Mary M.
Ulrich, Mrs. Samuel
Vasley, Helen A.
Vetterlein, Ruth Payne
Wallower, E. Z.
Wallower, Edgar Z.
Watkins, Mrs. Francis B.
Watts, Douglas
Whitaker, U. A.
White, Mr. and Mrs. George
Whitmyer, Betty J.
Wickersham, Mr. and Mrs. Brewster
Wigand, Mr. and Mrs. Henry
Wilbert, Beatrice
Wolf, Bonnie L.
Wright, Mr. and Mrs. H. S.
Yandric, Irene
Yingling, Doris J.
Young, Marcia A.
Ziegler, Mayor Nolan F.