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Catalog Number 2008.03.01.050
Object Name Newsletter
Collection Harrisburg Hospital Founding Newsletter Collection
Title Harrisburg Hospital Newsletter
Date 01/1963
Scope & Content Volume: VII
Number: 1

Articles: Christmas Festivities

Children's Christmas Party

Employees' Christmas Party

Pediatrics Department

Christmas Contributions

Women's Club Gift

Auxiliary Pledges $125,000

Campaign Report

Fetal Heartbeat Tracer In Use

India To Brady Hall


In Memoriam - Dr. Harvey F. Smith

In Memoriam - Dr. W. Paul Dailey

Bendik Chosen LM Of Month

Record Census

Dr. Yarnall Elected

A New Look In Businass Procedure - RAMAC

Hospital - High School

Dr. Kunkel Cited By NAACP

Contributions To The Memorial Fund

Photos: Christmas Decorations On Each Floor

Santa Claus

Laboratory Chorus Line

Women's Club Presenting Wheelchair

Christmas Bazaar

Raffling Doll At Bazaar

Christmas Decorations At Bazaar

Mrs. Dale Packer Presenting Picture From India

Dr. Harvey F. Smith

Dr. W. Paul Dailey

Mr. Bendik With New Laundry Equipment

New RAMAC Machine (2 pics)

Whetstone Receiving High School Class In Hospital Bed

Dr. Herbert S. Bowman Elected Pres. Of Pa. Assoc. Of Blood Banks

Dr. F. Wells Brason Elected Pres. Of Pa. Assoc. Of Clinical Pathologists

People Alexander, Carol
Allen, Albert L., Jr.
Allen, Elizabeth N.
Allyn, Dr. R. E.
Armstrong, Dr. and Mrs. Hiram
Armstrong, Dr. and Mrs. Hiram E.
Arnold, Mr. and Mrs. William A.
Attick, Dorothy K.
Attick, Dr. and Mrs. Allen T.
Attick, Stanley E.
Ault, Victor J.
Bailey, General and Mrs. William S.
Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. George R.
Bailey, Mrs. William S.
Baker, Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Baturin, Mr. and Mrs. Moe
Belmont, Charles
Bendik, Anthony I.
Berghaus, V. H., Jr.
Berkheimer, Dr. George A.
Bitner, Dr. and Mrs. Walter P.
Blyholder, Mrs. John F.
Booth, Katheryn
Bowman, Dr. Herbert S.
Bowman, Mr. and Mrs. George E.
Bowman, Mrs. J. William
Brackett, Mrs. William E.
Brackett, William E.
Brandt, Dr. and Mrs. C. Richard
Brason, Dr. F. Wells
Brenner, Helman
Brenner, Mr. and Mrs. Simon
Brooks, Mrs. Harry R.
Brownold, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin
Brownold, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin J.
Buch, A. L.
Burch, Mrs. Ernest S.
Burkey, Jesse
Burns, Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin
Burns, Mr. and Mrs. John P.
Bushong, Mr. and Mrs. Charles
Casey, Daniel N.
Caswell, Frank M.
Caswell, Frank M., Jr.
Caswell, Mr. and Mrs. Frank M., Jr.
Chace, Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm G.
Chadwick, P. H.
Cleveland, Mrs. Robert
Colquhoun, E. M.
Colquhoun, J. W.
Colquhoun, Mr. and Mrs. E. M.
Comly, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
Compton, Mr. and Mrs. Walter H.
Coover, Mrs. Carson
Costello, Mrs. John
Crist, Dr. and Mrs. Guy
Cunjak, Mrs. F. J.
Dailey, Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert L.
Dailey, Dr. W. Paul
Daniels, Mrs. Frank
Dann, Mrs. D. Innes
Davis, Mrs. William
Deckard, Dr. Park
Denison, Dr. and Mrs. Robert
Denison, Mrs. Robert
Detweiler, Mrs. J. Hoffer
Devlin, Joseph
Dill, James M., Jr.
Dutlinger, Dr. and Mrs. Robert
Edeburn, Mrs. V. E.
Engelberg, Max
Engle, George L.
Eusi, Mrs. Jennis
Faller, Dr. and Mrs. C. P.
Fetterhoff, Dr. and Mrs. Charles K.
Ficken, Mr. and Mrs. George, Jr.
Fink, Mrs. Henry
Fleming, Mrs. Samuel W.
Flowers, Mrs. Eulla
Frankston, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur
Freedman, Mrs. Harris
Gallagher, Jean F.
Gallagher, Mr. and Mrs. Walter, Jr.
Gallagher, Mrs. Walter
Gilbert, Mr. and Mrs. Fred, Jr.
Glace, Mr. and Mrs. Earl V.
Goldberger, Mrs. Ida
Goldsborough, Frances
Goldsborough, Mrs. Robert
Goodman, Dr. Bruce
Gordinier, Dr. Charles H.
Goyne, Dr. Richard
Graham, Carol
Grandon, Dr. and Mrs. Raymond C.
Grandon, Mrs. Raymond
Grant, Mrs. U. S.
Green, E. Howard
Green, Edward M.
Gregory, Mrs. George V.
Grim, Mrs. Earl
Gross, Mr. and Mrs. Henry M.
Grossman, Mrs. Samuel L.
Guhlman, Mrs. Frederick E.
Gurkoff, Mrs. Robert
Hafer, Mr. and Mrs. George
Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer G.
Harnish, Mrs. John
Harrington, B. Boyd
Harris, Dr. John H.
Hawke, Dr. and Mrs. Clarence M.
Hensel, Dr. and Mrs. Philip K.
Herman, Mr. and Mrs. John C.
Herman, Mrs. John C.
Herr, Mr. and Mrs. B. B.
Hershner, Dr. and Mrs. Newton W., Jr.
Hinkle, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F.
Hooper, Dr. and Mrs. Fred B.
Hummel, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence
Hummel, Mrs. Robert
Hutchison, Mr. and Mrs. C. M.
Jenkins, Mrs.
Jennings, Mr. and Mrs. Ross S.
Jennings, Mrs. Ross S.
Jennings, Ross S.
Johnston, Dr. and Mrs. David
Johnston, Dr. and Mrs. David A.
Johnston, Rebecca
Kelly, Dr. Wayde D.
Kiefel, Mrs. Ernest
Knisely, Mr. and Mrs. Arch G., Jr.
Kohlhaas, Mr. and Mrs. Webster S.
Kohlhaas, Webster S.
Konhaus, Dr. and Mrs. C. H.
Kraber, Mrs. Hilda
Kraus, Samuel
Krauss, Samuel
Kunkel, Dr. and Mrs. Paul, Jr.
Kunkel, Dr. W. Minster, Jr.
Kunkel, Mr. and Mrs. John C.
Kunkel, Mrs. John C.
Kunkel, Mrs. W. Minster
Lang, Mr. and Mrs. Walter B.
Lang, Mrs. Walter B.
Lanshe, Dr. and Mrs. Harold F.
Latt, Mrs. Herman
Lehrman, A. J.
Lehrman, Shim
Lilley, Mrs. J. K.
Lohrman, Mr. and Mrs. John
Long, Earl
Long, Mrs. Mary
Longstreet, Mrs. S. P.
Ludwick, Winifred G.
Macavei, Peter
Magoun, Mr. and Mrs. J. W.
Marks, Mr. and Mrs. Wirt P., Jr.
McBride, Dr. William K.
McCarthy, Betty A.
McCormick, Anne
McCormick, Mrs. H. B.
McCoy, Mrs. L. H.
McCreath, Mrs. Lesley
McCreath, Mrs. Robert
McCully, Harry O.
McDonough, Thomas A.
Mecaughey, Mrs. William
Miller, Dr. and Mrs. Richard J.
Miller, Dr. Richard J.
Miller, Mrs. Mae
Moffitt, Dr. George R., Jr.
Moore, Dr. and Mrs. Clarence E.
Moorehead, Mrs. Robert W.
Morgan, Mrs. William
Morgan, William L.
Morrison, Mr. and Mrs. George L.
Morrison, Mrs. George L., Jr.
Murray, William L.
Nathan, Herman J.
Naughton, Katherine
Nauman, Mrs. Spencer
Neale, Mr. and Mrs. Harry T.
Neely, Hon. William H.
Nieman, S. J.
Nissley, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Orth, Roberta
Packer, Mrs. Dale L.
Payne, Mr. and Mrs. Frank N.
Payne, Mrs. Frank
Pearson, Mr. and Mrs. William A.
Petry, Dr. Howard K.
Pilgrim, Dr. and Mrs. R. E., Jr.
Pilgrim, Dr. R. E., Jr.
Porter, Mrs. Paul
Porter, Paul, Jr.
Quickel, Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth
Raffensperger, Dr. and Mrs. E. C.
Reed, Mrs. Mary C.
Reily, Mr. and Mrs. George W.
Reiter, Harold
Rembisz, James
Rembisz, Robert
Rezzolla, Mrs. John R.
Richards, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard B.
Robbins, Mrs. Frank A.
Roberts, Mrs. E. Hill
Rockefeller, Mr. and Mrs. Edwin S.
Rockey, Mrs. Myles F.
Rogers, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel
Rose, Charles V.
Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Buford
Shakespeare, Walter S.
Shepler, Dr. Norman B.
Shepler, Marguerite
Shepler, Mrs. Norman B.
Sherman, Dr. and Mrs. Alfred
Sherman, Dr. and Mrs. Mathew
Shue, Carol
Shultz, Mr. and Mrs. Harry
Simeone, Mrs. Ernest J.
Simmonds, Dr. and Mrs. Henry T.
Simmonds, Mrs. H. T., Jr.
Simmons, Dr. and Mrs. A. H.
Simmons, Dr. and Mrs. A. Harvey
Sinninger, Mrs. Andrew C.
Sinon, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A.
Smith, Archibald K.
Smith, Dr. and Mrs. Charles W.
Smith, Dr. Harvey F.
Smith, John McI.
Smith, Knisely
Smith, Mr. and Mrs. Paul G.
Smith, Mrs. John McI.
Smth, Mrs. Harvey F.
Snavely, Mrs. Eva
Snyder, Dr. and Mrs. John J.
Snyder, Mrs. John
Snyder, Mrs. John J.
Sponaugle, Mrs. Emma
Spong, Mr. and Mrs. Richard M.
Spong, Mrs. Harper
Stackpole, E. J., Jr.
Stackpole, Edward J.
Stackpole, General and Mrs. Albert H.
Stackpole, Mrs. A. H.
Steele, Dr. R. Edward
Steers, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, II
Stees, Freda
Stees, Freeda
Stein, Dr. Eleanor
Stern, Edgar S.
Stull, Mrs. George
Swilkeym, Mrs. George G.
Tausig, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas
Thomas, Paul
Thurston, Mr. and Mrs. Lester R., Sr.
Toby, Simeon T.
Troup, Mr. and Mrs. A. C.
Tursky, Dr. Rosemarie J.
Tursky, Mrs. Mary
Tuten, Mrs. Rebecca C.
Vance, Julia
Vetterlein, Ruth Payne
Vinicoff, Mrs. Louis
Wallace, Mrs. Gertrude M.
Waltz, Dr. and Mrs. Paul K.
Ward, William E.
Watson, Lorenzo
Watts, Elizabeth
Wertime, Dr. Clara
Wheeler, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Whetstone, James
White, Mr. and Mrs. George
Wigand, Henry R.
Wigand, Mr. and Mrs. Henry, Jr.
Witman, Mrs. Horace
Witmer, Florence
Wolfe, Bill
Worst, William S.
Wright, Dr. and Mrs. Louis
Yarnall, Dr. G. Winfield
Yoder, Leora G.
Zemaites, Mrs. Charlotte
Zimmerman, Dr. and Mrs. J. L.
Zimmerman, Ruthann