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Catalog Number 2008.03.01.032
Object Name Newsletter
Collection Harrisburg Hospital Founding Newsletter Collection
Title Harrisburg Hospital Newsletter
Date 05/1958
Scope & Content Volume: 11
Number: 2

Articles: Doctors' Day

Coming Events

A 50th Anniversary

Graduation Exercises - Class Of 1958

Expansion Program Underway


The New Nurses Building

Women's Auxiliary

Medical Staff

New Interns

Appointments To Resident Staff

Medical Staff Election Of Officers

Death Of Samuel B. Fluke

Contributions To The Memorial Fund

Things We Like To Hear

Photos: Invitation To Cornerstone Laying

Presentation Of George B. Kunkel Award

Medical Exhibits

Miss Edith E. Yingst

Pictures Of New Nurses Building (3)

Women's Auxilliary

New Interns

Election Of Medical Staff Officers

Nurses Residence And School Of Nursing

People Alen, Mrs. T. O. Van
Allyn, Dr. And Mrs. Russell E.
Allyn, Dr. Russell E.
Anthony, Edgar E.
Armstrong, F. E.
Bagnell, Mrs. Martha D.
Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. George R.
Bailey, Mr. And Mrs. William S.
Bank, Dr. R. Stanley
Bare, Lois Annette
Barkdoll, Constance La Rue
Barrison, Dr. William J.
Beal, Mr. And Mrs. George S.
Behun, Dr. Joseph M.
Beitman, Patricia Ruth
Berkheimer, Virginia Anna
Berrier, Constance Jeanne
Biesecker, Anna Grace
Bitner, Dr. Walter P.
Bonalle, Lorraine Barbara
Booth, Miss Kathryn M.
Bowman, Dr. Herbert S.
Bowman, Mrs. George E.
Bowman, Mrs. Paul W.
Boyd, Dr. William J.
Brandt, Dr. And Mrs. C. Richard
Brandt, Dr. C. Richard
Brason, Dr. F. Wells
Brenner, Dr. Louis O.
Brenner, Mr. And Mrs. Joseph F.
Brenner, Mr. And Mrs. Simon
Brinton, Dr. Lewis F.
Brody, Mr. And Mrs. William
Bross, Ruth J.
Brownold, Mr. And Mrs. Melvin
Bryan, Dr. W. Thomas
Carson, Mrs. M. E.
Caton, Barbara Ann
Cattel, Dr. Richard B.
Childerhose, Dr. Ross K.
Cieri, Mr. And Mrs. Lewis
Conner, Arthur W.
Conrad, Mary F.
Coons, Mr. And Mrs. Albert
Cooper, Dr. Joseph H.
Cooper, Ruth Anne
Cordell, Nancy Lee
Crawford, Janet Louise
Crist, Mrs. John W.
Curry, Mrs. Sarah A.
Dahl, Mr. And Mrs. Charles E.
Dailey, Dr. Edward G.
Dailey, Dr. W. Paul
Dalrymple, Mary Janet
Daugherty, Dr. J. Arthur
Davis, Harriet Jane
Davis, Marian Esther
Dixon, Patricia Ann
Drayer, Nancy N.
Dunkle, Mr. And Mrs. C. K.
Dutlinger, Dr. Robert P.
Eastman, Mrs. Frank H.
Edeburn, Mary H.
Ennis, Dr.H. Carson
Euteneuer, Otto
Fenstermacher, Dr. Robert E.
Fetterhoff, Dr. Charles K.
Fink, Joyce Elaine
Fisher, Katherine
Fisher, Margaret S.
Fleming, Mrs. Samuel W., Jr.
Fluke, Dr. Samuel B.
Foerster, Dr. Charles L.
Fohl, Evadne June
Foster, Dr. John V.
Fox, Mrs. John E.
Fox, Sue Ann
Franz, Mrs. A. J.
Freas, Cloyann
Freedman, Dr. And Mrs. Donald B.
Freedman, Dr. Donald B.
Freet, Helen Caroline
Fry, Dr. Chloe O.
Garcia, Dr. Romeo J.
Gerdes, Miss Virginia
Gibson, Dr. And Mrs. Cole B.
Gilbert, Henderson
Givler, Mr. And Mrs. Albert
Gluntz, Hazel W..
Goodman, Dr. Maxwell W.
Goodwin, Miss Alice W.
Grandon, Dr. And Mrs. Raymond C.
Grandon, Dr. Raymond C.
Griffith, Jean Rae
Groh, Dr. And Mrs. John L.
Groh, Dr. John R.
Gulotta, A. F.
Hafer, Mrs. George
Hain, Harry B.
Handler, Mr. And Mrs. Samuel
Harding, Dr. Robert L.
Harding, Mrs. Charles S.
Hart, Suzanne Dell
Hawke, Dr. Clarence M.
Henning, Dr. James N.
Hershey, Mrs. Ezra F. And Family
Hershner, Dr. Newton W.
Hipple, Deanna K.
Hivner, Martha G.
Hoch, Louis A.
Hooper, Dr. And Mrs. Fred B.
Hunsicker, Judith Ann
Jacobs, Dr. Louis C.
Jacobs, Emma B.
Jennings, Mrs. Ross S.
Johnston, Dr. And Mrs. David A.
Kauffman, Patricia Ann
Keane, Hazel F.
Keim, Fae C.
Knauer, Dr. John G.
Knupp, Dr. Melvin L.
Kocher, Leon E.
Kohlhaas, Mr. And Mrs. W. S.
Konhaus, Dr. Carol H.
Koplovitz, Mrs. Arthur
Kunkel, Dr. And Mrs. Paul, Jr.
Kunkel, Dr. W. Minster
Kunkel, George
Kunkel, Lewis S.
Kurtz, Mr. And Mrs. Gethin A.
Lang, Mr. And Mrs. Walter B.
Lanshe, Dr. And Mrs. Harold F.
Lanshe, Dr. John L.
Lawrie, Mr. And Mrs. Ritchie, Jr.
Leatherman, Dr. And Mrs. C. G.
Lebo, Dr. And Mrs. Clifford M.
Leiby, Dr. And Mrs. Scott S.
Leitner, Marion C.
Lenker, Dr. Luther A.
Livingston, Hazel W.
Long, Edna Frances
Lyons, Gloria E.
Majer, Mr. And Mrs. L. W.
Manning, Mrs. Hubert
Marshall, Dr. James F.
Martin, Evelyn Mae
Martin, Lysbeth B.
Matthews, Miss M. Elizabeth
McCaleb, Miss Effie
McGowan, Dr. Ronald L.
McIntyre, Mr. And Mrs. Donald And Daughter
McKirachan, Rev. J. Charles
McNamar, Esther B.
Mendler, Mary M.
Merki, Dr. Robert T.
Mills, Dr. M. Duane
Mills, Mrs. M. Duane
Moll, Dr. Joseph H.
Mood, Zoe Ann
Moore, Dr. And Mrs. C. E.
Moore, Dr. Clarence E.
Moore, Mrs. Clarence E.
Moorhead, Mrs. R. W.
Motter, Marie L.
Muhlfelder, Dr. Warren J.
Muscheid, A. C.
Musser, Dr. Benjamin G.
Myers, Dr. Gordon D.
Nauman, Mr. And Mrs. Spencer
Neale, Mr. And Mrs. Harry T.
Neish, Dr. Donald D., Jr.
Nikoloff, Janet B.
Nunemacher, Geraldine L.
Orth, Mrs. Alberta S.
Otley, Pauline L.
Overdeer, Mrs. Mary E.
Palmon, Dr. Florentino P.
Patterson, Dr. Richard J.
Payne, Miss Frances A.
Payne, Mr. And Mrs. Frank N.
Perinchief, Mr. And Mrs. P. Joseph
Peterson, Margaret Eleanor
Petry, Dr. And Mrs. H. K.
Pezzuti, Dr. HAmil R.
Plank, Dorothy Grace
Posega, Emil J.
Powell,Anna Mae
Procopio, Dr. Frank
Putt, Wilma M.
Raffensberger, Dr. And Mrs. Edward C.
Ramberger, Dorene Anna
Reed, Nora Jane
Reeves, M. Edwin
Reighter, Beatrice E.
Reinbold, Leahnor Thelma
Renner, Marcia Dawn
Rhoads, Mr. And Mrs. Paul H.
Richards, Mr. And Mrs. Leonard B.
Riley, Ann Linda
Rivera, Dr. Edwin A.
Robbins, Mr. and Mrs. Frank A.
Rockey, Mrs. Fred V.
Romberger, Nell J.
Roscoe, Dr. Robert E.
Rutherford, Miss Mary B.
Samet, Dr. Sherwood L.
Sardelis, Angelo
Savory, Dr. William J.
Sawyer, Gladys M.
Seiders, Frank S., Jr.
Seitz, Dr. Horace M.
Shakespeare, Mr. And Mrs. Walter S.
Shannon, Monica L.
Shannon, Monica L.
Sherman, Emily S.
Shetron, Martha S.
Sickel, Dr. Edward F.
Simmonds, Dr. Henry T.
Simmons, Dr. And Mrs. A. Harvey
Sinon, Mr. And Mrs. Frank A.
Smith, Dr. And Mrs. Charles Wm.
Smith, Dr. And Mrs. Harvey
Smith, Dr. Charles W.
Smith, Evelyn B.
Smith, John McIlhenny
Snavely, Mrs. A. Bowman
Sokloski, Marian Elizabeth
Sorett, Louis
Soult, Carol Lynne
Spotts, Patricia Marie
Sprenkle, Imogene Lewese
Stackpole, Gen. And Mrs. A. H.
Stapf, Mr. And Mrs. John
Steele, Dr. R. Edward
Sterner, Raymond T.
Stetler, Roy H.
Stiffler, Twila M.
Stine, Dr. Howard
Stokes, Margy G.
Stone, Dr. Walker H.
Stone, John F.
Stoner, Joyce Jacqueline
Strauser, Donna Rae
Stuart, Mrs. Hugh C.
Sturmer, Dr. Frederick C.
Sussman, Dr. Nathan
Swartz, Dorothy M.
Swartz, Sarah E.
Swensen, Rev. Viggo
Thomas, Dr. Chester G.
Thompson, Dr. Shirley A.
Toby, Mr. And Mrs. Thomas
Triano, Dr. Gene J.
Tursky, Dr. Rosemarie J.
Tursky, Dr. Rosemarie J.
Ulrich, Dr. And Mrs. Samuel D.
Ulrich, Harry
Umberger, Mrs. Mary E.
Vajdic, Barbara Anne
VanKirk, Miss Anna S.
Waddel, Maggie Priscilla
Walsh, Dr. John J.
Waltz, Dr. And Mrs. Paul K.
Waltz, Dr. Paul K.
Waltz, Mrs. Paul K.
Watson, Harry S.
Weibel, Dr. David C.
Welsh, Margaret C.
Wickersham, Mrs. Frank B.
Wiegel, Dr. And Mrs. Robert F.
Wigand, Mrs. Martha Jane
Winand, Kathryn E.
Windle, June Elizabeth
Wolfe, Dr. William F.
Wood, Mae C.
Woody, Mr. And Mrs. H. E.
Yarnell, Dr. G. Winfield
Yarnell, Mrs. G. Winfield
Yingst, Miss Edith E.
Yorty, Judith Marcella
Young, Loretta Joan
Zavatsky, Dr. Albert R.
Zimmerman, Dr. J. L.