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Catalog Number 2008.03.01.052
Object Name Newsletter
Collection Harrisburg Hospital Founding Newsletter Collection
Title Harrisburg Hospital Newsletter
Date 07/1963
Scope & Content Volume: VII
Number: 3

Articles: Toward Better Care Of Chronically Ill

Introducing - Dr. Gearge L. Jackson

Spring Advisory Board Meeting

Women's Auxiliary Celebrates 75th Anniversary

39 Residents And Interns Awarded Certificates

Dr. Robert A. Kimbrough - Doctors' Day Speaker

25 Interns Begin Training

Student Nurse To Attend Geneva Parley

Service Rewarded

George Bailey Recipient Of Honorary Degree

Women's Auxiliary Notes

Dr. Allyn Heads Hospital Staff

Contributions To The Memorial Fund

In Memory Of

Photos: Blue Ridge Haven

Instrumental In Completing Plans For Affiliation

Dr. George Jackson

Advisory Board Program Participants

Accepting Certificate On Dr.s Day Program

Harrisburg Hospital Interns 1963-1964

Extending Official Greetings

Interns Enjoying View Of Susquehanna

Outlining Lecture Schedule

Miss Branyan

Mrs. Eva Klaiber Retiring And Receiving Color TV

Dr. Russell E. Allyn

People Abrams, Morris
Allen, Albert L., Jr.
Alley, Dr. Richard A.
Allyn, Dr. and Mrs. R. E.
Allyn, Dr. Russell E.
Almond, Dr. Charles R.
Aloia, Dr. John F.
Aquino, Dr. Augustus A.
Armstrong, Dr. Hiram E.
Bailey, General and Mrs. William S.
Bailey, George R.
Bailey, Mr. and Mrs. George R.
Baker, Eli
Barley, Mrs. J. Frank
Beale, Suzanne
Benjamin, Mr. and Mrs. Irwin
Berg, Mr. and Mrs. Quentin
Bingham, Mary Jane
Bitner, Dr. Walter P.
Bixler, Dr. Lester G., Jr.
Booth, Katheryn M.
Bottiglione, Dr. John A.
Bovard, Dr. William J.
Bowman, Dr. David H.
Bowman, Dr. Herbert S.
Bowman, Mrs. Paul
Brady, Frank J.
Brandt, Dr. and Mrs. C. Richard
Branyan, Mrs. John
Branyan, Patricia
Brason, Dr. F. Wells
Brenner, Mr. and Mrs. Simon
Bressler, Mr. and Mrs. Harold C.
Brewen, Dr. and Mrs. Stewart F.
Brock, Dr. Richard T.
Brown, Mildred E.
Brown, Mrs. Ellis L.
Brown, Mrs. Ora B.
Brownold, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin
Brownold, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin J.
Burns, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A.
Caldwell, Mrs. W. Bruce
Cantor, Mr. and Mrs. Ben
Carney, Dr. Charles N.
Carpenter, Clara
Carson, Mr. and Mrs. Earl
Cassel, Dr. R. Douglas
Cavoto, Dr. Michael J.
Chaffee, Mrs. Florence M.
Chestnut, Mrs. Ruth E.
Colizzo, Dr. Francis P.
Colletti, Dr. Nicholas G.
Colquhoun, E. M. and J. W.
Colquhoun, Mr. and Mrs. E. M.
Coover, Dr. Carson
Corson, Dr. Margaret L.
Cramton, Dr. David C.
Crawford, Dr. Donald G.
Crist, Dr. and Mrs. Guy C.
D'Arrigo, Dr. Philip
Dailey, Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert L.
Dailey, Dr. W. Paul
Daugherty, Dr. J. Arthur
Davis, Dr. William S.
de Forrest, Lillian
Delone, Dr. and Mrs. Charles A.
Delone, Dr. Charles A.
Denison, Dr. and Mrs. Robert
Doerfer, Dr. John P.
Dorko, Dr. Carl J.
Dutlinger, Dr. and Mrs. Robert P.
Entwhistle, Dr. Nelson L.
Ervin, Dr. and Mrs. C. E.
Faller, Dr. and Mrs. C. P.
Farrand, E. T.
Fees, Dr. Arch W.
Ferguson, Mrs. J. F.
Fetterhoff, Dr. and Mrs. Charles K.
Fetterhoff, Dr. Charles K.
Fickel, Irene Kost
Filart, Dr. Esdras A.
Fink, Mrs. Henry
Fischer, Dr. John R.
Fishel, Mr. and Mrs. Philip W.
Flaherty, Dr. Michael J.
Flurkey, Dr. Emerson C.
Foster, Dr. J. V.
Foster, Dr. John V.
Freedman, Hyman
Fringer, Dr. David L. B.
Fromme, Dr. Kenneth L.
Gabriele, Dr. Anthony R.
Gaither, Dr. Herbert
Gardner, C. Bruce
Geisel, Henry
Gill, Dr. Donald N.
Grandon, Dr. and Mrs. Raymond C.
Granger, Dr. Robert C.
Green, Dr. Alexander
Green, Dr. Alexander A.
Gross, Mr. and Mrs. Henry M.
Grossman, Mrs. S. L.
Grundon, Mary C.
Hackney, Mr. and Mrs. H. Hamilton, Jr.
Hafer, Mr. and Mrs. George
Hale, Mrs. Chandler
Hall, Mr. and Mrs. Spencer G.
Handler, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel
Harding, Dr. Robert L.
Hawke, Dr. and Mrs. Clarence M.
Heilig, Katherine K.
Hendrickson, William W.
Herceg, Dr. Stephen J.
Herncane, Mr. and Mrs. Sheldon
Hess, Dr. D. Robert
Hinkel, Mr. and Mrs. Samuel F.
Hoagland, Dr. H. Clark
Hooper, Dr. and Mrs. Fred B.
Horwitz, Mr. and Mrs. Silom S.
Howard, Dr. William H. B.
Hudock, Dr. George E., Jr.
Jackson, Carol
Jackson, Diane
Jackson, Dr. George L.
Jackson, Richard
Jackson, Scott
Jennings, Ross S.
Johnston, Dr. and Mrs. David A.
Keener, Seth
Kimbrough, Dr. Robert A.
Kitzmiller, Edith
Klaiber, Eva
Kline, Sidney D.
Knisely, Mr. and Mrs. Arch K., Jr.
Knupp, Nancy
Kohlhaas, Mr. and Mrs. Richard
Konhaus, Dr. and Mrs. C. H.
Konzelmann, Dr. Henry J.
Kost, Dr. Lewis V.
Kreider, Dr. H. Dale
Kukel, Dr. Paul A.
Kunkel, Dr. and Mrs. Paul A., Jr.
Kunkel, George
Kunkel, Hon. and Mrs. John C.
Lanshe, Dr. John L.
Laubheim, Mrs. Charles
Lawrie, Ritchie, Jr.
Laz, Dr. Andre L.
Lehrman, Mrs. Louis
Leitner, Dr. Kermit L.
Lenker, Dr. and Mrs. Luther A.
Little, Dr. G. Robert
Loigman, Dr. Barry I.
Long, Florence H.
Lovette, Dr. Daniel R.
Madden, Charles A.
Mailloux, Dr. Lionel U.
Marks, Wirt P., Jr.
Martinez, Dr. Elba
Masonheimer, John L.
Matthews, Elizabeth
McAdams, Dr. Brendan V.
McCall, Dr. William M.
McCormick, Anne
McCormick, Dr. Robert A.
McCullough, Mary D. and Ada L.
McLinn, Dr. Samuel E.
Merchant, Dr. Ralph P.
Michlovitz, Rose
Miller, Dr. C. Richard
Miller, Dr. Charles L.
Miller, Jacob
Miller, James F.
Miller, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph
Mills, Mrs. M. Duane
Minter, Dr. Donald L.
Moore, Dr. Clarence E.
Morales, Dr. Paul A.
Moss, Irving
Moyer, Mrs. M. Erle
Mullen, Mr. and Mrs. Frank
Mumma, Mrs. Ruth
Murray, William L.
Myers, Mrs. Gordon D.
Nase, Dr. Donald F.
Nasralla, Dr. Nahim H.
Nauman, Mrs. Spencer
Nicolson, mr. and Mrs. George D.
Nissley, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph
Nurick, Anna
Patterson, Dr. Leland F.
Patukas, Dr. Peter C.
Paul, Dr. Ronald L.
Payne, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Norvell
Pearson, Mr. and Mrs. John B.
Perna, Dr. Francis X.
Phillips, Dr. and Mrs. Warren C.
Phillips, Edith
Pilgrim, Dr. and Mrs. R. E.
Procopio, Dr. and Mrs. Frank
Procopio, Dr. Frank
Richards, Leonard B.
Richards, Mr. and Mrs. Leonard B.
Rimple, Dr. David
Rios-Garcia, Dr. Rosendo
Romig, Dr. and Mrs. John
Rubendall, Dr. Howard L.
Ruehr, Beatrice
Sawyer, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond
Saxon, Mrs. Joseph G.
Schriver, Charlotte
Schultz, Mrs. William C.
Shakespeare, Walter S.
Shaw, Michael H.
Sherman, Dr. and Mrs. Alfred J.
Shiffman, Harry
Sillmon, Dr. David W.
Silver, Kathryn E.
Simmonds, Dr. and Mrs. Henry T.
Simmonds, Dr. Henry T.
Simmons, Dr. and Mrs. Harvey A.
Slagle, Dr. H. Richard
Smiley, Mr. and Mrs. Willard L.
Smith, Dr. and Mrs. Charles W.
Smith, Dr. Harvey F.
Smith, George
Smith, John McI.
Snavely, Mrs. A. Bowman
Snyder, Dr. and Mrs. John
Snyder, Mrs. John
Spangler, Dr. William E.
Speas, Mary
Spong, Mrs. Harper
Stackpole, E. J., Jr.
Stackpole, General and Mrs. A. H.
Stark, George L.
Steele, Dr. R. Edward
Stern, Edgar S.
Stetson, Dr. Derwood L.
Stevenson, Dr. Robert E.
Stoner, Dr. John C.
Sussman, Dr. and Mrs. Nathan
Sussman, Dr. Nathan
Swilkey, Martha E.
Symons, Mr. and Mrs. Bernard
Tanger, Mr. and Mrs. Frederick E.
Toby, Simeon
Travisano, Dr. Frank J.
Trout, Mrs. Brook
Tursky, Dr. Rosemarie
Tzanis, Dr. Loucas C.
Ulrich, Dr. and Mrs. Samuel D.
Ulrich, Dr. Richard G.
Virostek, Dr. Robert J.
Wagner, Isabel
Waltz, Dr. and Mrs. Paul K.
Ward, Dr. H. Richard
Wert, Raymond A.
Wertime, Dr. Clara G.
Wetmore, Dr. and Mrs. Stanley
Wetmore, Dr. Stanley M.
Whipple, Mrs. Earl R.
Wickersham, Mr. and Mrs. Brewster
Wilson, Billy
Wilson, Bob
Wright, Dr. and Mrs. Louis W.
Yarnall, Dr. and Mrs. G. Winfield
Yeager, Alyce Vern
Young, Dr. David B.
Young, Dr. William W.
Zikoski, Dr. Paul L.
Zimmerman, Dr. John L.